• Streamline will begin working on the design and laying out the desired spaces in plan and/or 3D form
  • This process turns into a back-and-forth between designer and client, as we don’t like to take things too far before having the direction approved
  • Our office is equipped with a large screen for presenting ideas on, which makes it fun for clients to come in and see the model of their future property coming to life!


​Streamline Landscape & Structure Design offers conceptual design services for the planning of exterior renovations. Using 3D software to showcase our design solutions, we help client's visualize their space before construction ever begins!

The Process

  • The design is taken into its final stages; adding in all materials, plantings, and details
  • The 3D model is put through rendering software to give a ‘photo-realistic’ look, and the plan is colored and labeled
  •  A final package is then put together with the 3D layouts and overall plan view, printed on high quality large format paper. All copies of the design and digital files are put on a USB for the clients to keep
  • Lastly, if the client would like Streamline to quote on any of the construction, we will provide a detailed estimate to be included in the final package

 "Tyler deserves 10 stars! I called 4-5 other companies who gave me renderings for our design. Most didn't capture our vision and the drawings were hard to understand and lacked detail. Tyler - you are a genius at what you do. You created a "backyard paradise" that even I couldn't have imagined. Well done Streamline!"

- K. Broddick, The Kate Broddick Team 

​Brantford, Ontario



Packages come with a USB drive containing any and all files related to the design;

design layouts, individual renders, concepts, site photos, etc.




OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm

20 Roy Blvd, Unit 33 Upper | Brantford, ON




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welcome to streamline landscape & structure design!

We have experience with various landscape design projects, and work with our clients to create unique design solutions for any situation! 

  • An initial on-site meeting between client(s) and designer will be set up to go over the project
  •  This usually involves walking around the property to discuss the spaces and what the clients are looking to have done (it is best to have a 'wish-list' in mind)
  • Once we have a feel for the scope of the project, Streamline will prepare an estimate for the design work
  • After the estimate is signed off on, our designer will come out to gather all necessary measurements, photos and other inventory required

519-759-6200 | Brantford, ON